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Zuni Jewelry

Navajo jewelry is defined by the strong use of hand wrought

silver work to enhance stones-predominately turquoise.

Traditional execution of silversmithing includes use of various

stamping patterns, geometric designs and silver leaves.

Jagged -edged of smooth rounded bezels are crafted to hold and set stones.


Artistic enhancement often required the artist to oxidize an area of the design.

An element known as liver of sulfur us used to darken the area.

Soldering and buffing are required to execute and finish the piece.

Most artisans develop a style that is unique to the artist as well as traditionally Navajo.


Navajo Jewelry

Navajo Jewelry

 Functional Art

          Native American Timepieces are a great way to commemorate the culture of the Southwest on a daily basis.  Whether you like the petit point work of the Zuni, or the Navajo silver and stone look we have you covered. Cobblestone inlay gives you a full gem like look while the flat inlay a more modern flavor.

       Stamped silver designs abound & no one timepiece is the same. Some Southwestern Native American artisans are world renown & we are proud to offer you the best selections & prices around.

Stop by either of our locations and see!

The emphasis on stones rather than silver characterizes Zuni craftsmanship.

Zuni artisans are skilled lapidarists.

Experts in cutting and setting stones, the Zuni craftsmen use

methods such as mosaic,needlepoint, and petitpoint to

uniquely define their style.


Zuni Jewelry

Known for their fine inlay work, Zuni artisans achieve distinctive and

colorful designs using, coral, turquoise, jet, mother of pearl, lapis,

mussel shell, spiny oyster and other shell and stone.

Zunis have a particular fondness for coral since the color red

is important to their religion and depicts directional symbolism.


Native American Timepieces

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