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Kachina dolls have become popular with many people outside the Native American community. Collectors have sought Kachina dolls for many years for their artistic merit and spiritual and cultural significance.

" Kachinas are symbolic objects that personify many facets of life that fill the universe... Kachinas are not worshiped but act as symbols for facets of life that are appreciated & respected such as rainfall, healing, fertility, protection &  wisdom, for example."


      The exact origin of the Kachinas is not completely known, but according to one version of Hopi belief, the Kachinas were beneficent spirit-beings who came with the Hopis from the underworld. Kachinas are part of The Since the Hopi have no written history, their religion and mythology are passed on by word of mouth and symbolized in their Kachinas, which interpret Hopi beliefs and duplicate the day to day life of the Hopi.

        Kachinas are not worshiped, but treated as friends interested in Hopi welfare.

They represent the Hopi attitude of dualism and balance- all things in the world have two forms, the visible object and the spiritual counterpart.

Kachina carving is considered a sculptural art form.

      Kachinas are not exclusively made by the Hopi / Zuni today the Navajo also create Kachinas as an artisan trade. 

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Every Kachina has a name & mission.

They are used in traditional and modern times to model behavior and attributes that one wishes to cultivate in their life.

Adults and children alike enjoy Kachinas.

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