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Native American Artifacts

Native American Artifacts


Sandpainting as Navajo Tradition is an integral and powerful part of religious chants

that are traditionally performed in the hogan for healing and protection.

The medicine man carefully draws the sandpainting on the hogan floor, drizzling colored sand between thumb and forefinger to achieve the elements necessary for the rite.

At the end of the ceremony, the sandpainting must be erased,

and ceremonial sand gathered and returned to Mother Earth.


Sandpaining as an art form developed when a change in attitude allowed symbolic representations

to be created without violating Navajo religion. Since then, traditional and innovative sandpaintings have become an integral part of Navajo art. Artisans continue to improve,

creating more intricate detail using the traditional ground sandstone in a variety of colors found in different locations on the Navajo reservation.

Sandpaintings often depict Mother Earth and Father Sky, of include figures such as “yeibechai”-the round-head male dancer and “yei”-square head female dancer. Many colorful Navajo legend are artistically depicted in contemporary sandpaintings.

Medicine Bear.jpg

Artifacts are recreations of historic traditional or ceremonial items. Native American tribes in the Southwest are employed to share their culture through the creation of these items. Every artifact recreation is made to be as realistic and as traditional as possible with the exception of utilizing eagle feathers as this is a right reserved for the native tribes alone. 

The artifacts we carry range from headdresses to dream catchers & quivers

(otherwise known as a arrow case worn like a one shoulder backpack)

to rattles, arrows, cradleboards and prayer feathers.

Southwestern Art & Decor
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As you will see both our Scottsdale Fashion Square store as well as  our Cave Creek Stagecoach Village store, feature a delightful mix of original artworks, metal art as well as high quality,

matted & framed prints from well known Southwestern Artists.


Southwestern Home Furnishings

Southwest Tables & Chairs.jpg

These are one of a kind cut steel creations for your home or covered outdoor patio. The artist cuts the various designs into a sheet of steel then colors and treats each piece with an industrial grade waterproofing  epoxy resin.

The seats have been tried and tested by many and rein supremely comfortable.

From the beveled glass tabletops to the sturdy and substantial minimalist steel furniture base these pieces are craftsmanship at its best.

Artist also creates steel framed mirrors. Custom furniture  requests welcomed.

Stop in today to see what everyone is talking about!

Southwestern Furnishings
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